Virtual Value - Real Value?

The unique Entropia Universe Real Cash Economy System connects the virtual world with the real world. Virtual value can be exchanged for real life value by converting PED into real life funds. The unique username and password you choose for your account, protects your account from unauthorized use, but only if you keep this this information to yourself. This is not always easy since the Internet opens up for many methods to obtain such information without you even knowing about it.

In order to help you protect your Entropia Universe account from unauthorized use, we have developed the Gold Card Security System.

What is the Gold Card Security System?

The Gold Card Security System adds an extra security layer to your Entropia Universe account. The system consist of a physical chip card and a reader, the Gold Card Kit. By inserting the card into the reader you generate unique one-time codes that you use as a complement to your username and password when you log in to the the Entropia Universe or to My Account on the website.

Why should you use the Gold Card System?

The Gold Card Security System helps prevent unauthorized use of your Entropia Universe account. Even if someone somehow manages to get hold of your Entropia Universe login information, this information will not give access to your account if you have an activated Gold Card Security System.

Where can I get the Gold Card Security System?

You acquire the Gold Card Security System by ordering the Gold Card kit or accepting the Gold Card Offer.

Gold Card Items

Here you can

  • Order the Gold Card Security kit
  • Order a new Reader
  • Accept the Gold Card Offer
Get Gold Card Items

Gold Card Kit

Gold Card Kit

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