Entropia Universe 11.4.4 Release Notes

New Features

Dynamic Content Distribution Release Step 1

The Entropia Universe content is continually increasing due to the expansion of Entropia Universe. This makes it necessary to make the download process smoother.

In this release, we have implemented the Dynamic Content Distribution, step 1. The overall download process has been optimized to achieve faster download speed of a new release as well as faster download speed of the full client compared to previous behavior. The optimization mainly consists of new technology that enables accelerated download and the introduction of dynamic download.

In the Client Loader tools (click the Tools button in the bottom right corner, next to the Launch button), there is a new tab, called Folders. Here you can choose the folder to where the Entropia Universe content will be dynamically downloaded. The default folder setting is designed to work well with Windows Vista and Windows 7 UAC as well as with Windows XP.

Note: If you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 and have installed Entropia Universe to Program Files - as default, all game content will be moved to your local public folder (i.e. "c:\users\public\Entropia Universe"). If you want to keep your client in Program Files, perform the following instructions:

  1. Click the Tools button in the Client Loader (next to the Launch button).
  2. Select the Folders tab.
  3. Select desired Content Folder (type path or use Browse).
  4. Click Ok. The download will start over.

There will be a Dynamic Content Distribution step 2, that will improve the download process further. For example, there will be support for content download while logged in; you can log in to one planet while downloading other planets' content.

Fixed Issues

  • Proteron DNA functioning again.

Known Issues

Download Issues

Previous problems related to the client download are now solved.


  • Stability problems.
  • Some shaders (i.e. color and texture) may have increased loading time the first time it is loaded after this release.