Entropia Universe 11.5.3 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added option to change damage text size.

Improvements and Fixed Issues


  • General fixes to improve client stability.
  • You should now be able to place orders for all items in the auction.
  • Fixed issue with zooming when seated in the tank turret.
  • The chat log will now correctly include the name of the avatar speaking.
  • Damage taken will now correctly show in the lower right corner of the screen in third person as well as in OTS and first person mode.
  • Fixed issue where weapons attached to vehicles were not displaying the correct value after a vehicle recall.
  • Increased location notification duration depending on text length.
  • Added chat message informing of invalid camera actions in OTS mode.

Client Loader

  • Fixed issue where the client loader would crash if connection was lost during download.
  • The repair tool will no longer claim it can repair more than 100% of the installation.

Known issues

  • Next Island is currently known as '???' in the teleporter interface.

Planet-specific content

  • Integrated planet specific bugfixes for all planets. For information about planet-specific releases, see the planets' respective website, which can be found through http://planetroster.entropiauniverse.com/.