DIBS Disturbance Update


Due to a demand from the Payment Card Industry (PCI), during the last week,
we have implemented certain functionalities for added security when making
a deposit with VISA/Mastercard.

We are aware that this might have been causing difficulties with deposits
and in some cases there might have been erroneous holds/reservations on
customers Banking accounts referring to a VISA/Mastercard purchase.

We can assure you that such erroneous holds are clearly detectable in our logs,
and that they have all been released (or refunded) from our end.

The time it takes before the balance on a Banking account has been restored
after an account hold will vary depending on the Bank and their routines.
In many cases it is done in real-time, in other via batch processing once a day.
However in some cases it can take several days.

DIBS payment issues have been resolved and is back online.