Common Errors Using Visa / Mastercard

With release 17.10.0 Entropia Universe implemented a new Payment integration system for Visa/Mastercard. The new system introduced the option to use saved cards in the Entropia Universe webshop and solved a number of issues that were prevalent in the old system.

After the introduction of the new system on October 19, 2021 some users have reported that they receive an error message like:

- Internal error

- An internal database or software system error has occurred.

In the first steps of a deposit or webshop payment. Entropia Universe support is working together with the developers and the payment provider, Nets, to resolve this intermittent error.

Possible workaround:

A workaround for players that experience this issue is to first remove the saved card using the X-icon next to the saved card and then to add the card again using the "New Card" option.

Note that all new cards have to be added on the website either as a Deposit or as a Webshop purchase. It is not possible to add new cards in the ingame Transfer Center.

If removing and re-adding the card does not help please contact Entropia Universe support for assistance.