Rules & Policies

End User License Agreement (EULA)

This agreement governs the End User’s access to the Entropia Universe Services and use of and the Entropia Universe System, including the Client software and all digital information available through the Entropia Universe.

  • EULA (End User License Agreement)

Terms of Use

This agreement governs the End User’s rights and obligations with regards to its Entropia Universe Account and its related services.

Card Fraud Policy

Gold Card Terms of Purchase

This agreement stipulates the terms and conditions that MindArk applies for any purchase of a Gold Card Kit or a Card Reader.

Participant Content Policy

This policy governs the End User’s use of the Participant Content system available through the Entropia Universe, where they are allowed to submit and perceive images, videos, films, texts etc.

Privacy Policy

This document explains how MindArk protects the End User’s privacy and stipulates the policies and rules that MindArk applies with regards to personal information and cookies.

Real World Items Agreement

This agreement governs all purchases of Real World Items from MindArk via the Entropia Universe or the website.

Terms of use for Interconnect services.

Terms of use for Voice communication services.

Third Party's Items Purchase Agreement

This agreement stipulates the terms and conditions that apply between MindArk and End Use who wish to purchase within the Entropia Universe a Real World Item from a third party.

Other General Policies

Credit Card Information Policy

This document provides the End User with information regarding the security measures that MindArk implements in order to prevent the compromise of a card holder information.