Gold Card Terms of Purchase

Update November 2016;

The Entropia Universe Gold Card System has provided high grade 2 factor authentication for Entropia participants for many years. As security systems evolves 2 factor aucthentication systems have moved into ordinary iOS and Android devices providing the same grade of security as the Gold Card but with no dependency on custom hardware as security cards and card readers.

With the iOS/Android app Entropia Pocket all Entropia Universe participants can now have the same additional 2 factor authentication security. Beacuse of this and other factors MindArk does no longer provide the Gold Card system to previous non Gold Card users. Existing Gold Card users can contact Entropia Universe support with any questions about their Gold Card login.


1. Item Description

The Entropia Universe Gold Card security system kit provides a higher level of security when logging in to your Entropia Universe account. Use this link to read more about the Entropia Universe Gold Card System.

The Entropia Universe Gold Card Kit includes one (1) Gold Card and one (1) Card Reader.  

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase the Gold Card Kit or parts of the Gold Card Kit (i.e. Gold Card or Card Reader).

2. Price and Service Charge

The Gold Card is no longer available for purchase as of October 2016. Please see note on the top of this document.

3. Shipment and Delivery

MindArk will ship the Gold Card Kit, or the Card Reader, to the same address that you provided at the time of registering your Entropia Universe Account.

Please ensure that current, complete and accurate information is registered for your Entropia Universe Account before making your purchase. You can check and update your address under the My Account section at the Entropia Universe website.

You acknowledge that MindArk will not be responsible for any loss of Gold Card Kit or Gold Card Reader due to incorrect information that you have given.

If any undeliverable packages are be returned to us, we will issue a refund and may exclude the shipping costs.

If you do not receive the Gold Card Kit or the Card Reader that you have ordered within 8 weeks from payment, please contact Entropia Universe Support at the address given below. Please notice that this is only an estimated delivery time and not a guarantee.

4. “Cooling-off” and Right to Withdraw From Order

4.1 Definitions

Under this paragraph the following terms will have the following meaning:

Business Participant – a legal entity or a person that purchases a Gold Card Kit or a Card Reader from MindArk for the use of the business (i.e. other than private use).

Consumer – en individual that purchases a Gold Card Kit or a Card Reader from MindArk for private use.

4.2 Right to Withdraw From a Purchase

If you are a Consumer you may withdraw from your Gold Card Kit or Card Reader purchase for any reason within fourteen (14) days ("Cooling-off period"), effective upon receiving the Gold Card Kit or Card Reader . Your notice of withdrawal must be given in writing (i.e. letter or e-mail) to MindArk ’s address as given below.

You can complete your withdrawal, after you have sent a written notice to MindArk , by returning the Gold Card Kit or Card Reader in its/their original condition within the above stipulated Cooling-off period to:

MindArk PE AB

Support Dept.
Masthamnsgatan 5
SE- 41327 Gothenburg


4.3 Conditions of Withdrawal

In order to withdraw from a purchase you must send the Gold Card Kit or the Card Reader back to MindArk at the above given address.

Note that you will bear the costs for returning the Gold Card Kit or the Card Reader .

Please observe that the Gold Card Kit or the Card Reader must be returned in a substantially unchanged condition, i.e. unused, undamaged and complete. You should pack the Gold Card Kit or Card Reader in its original package and enclose all its fittings and accessories. Even other products that were included for free with your purchase should be returned. In cases where you are not able to return the Gold Card Kit or the Card Reader fully, or can only return it in a deteriorated condition, your reclaim will be accompanied by compensation to MindArk .

4.4 Refund

You should expect to receive your refund directly to your Entropia Universe Account within thirty (30) days of MindArk ’s receipt of the returned Gold Card Kit or Card Reader .

4.5 Business Participant

Notwithstanding anything herein, Business Participants may only cancel the purchase for the reason of a substantial non-conformity with the Gold Card Kit or Card Reader Description. Cancellation should be made by writing to MindArk within seven (7) days after delivery. If no cancellation is made within the above indicated period you will be deemed to have accepted the Gold Card Kit or Card Reader .

5. Limited Warranty and Terms of Service

A Gold Card Kit includes one Gold Card and one Gold Card Reader

MindArk does not warrant that the Entropia Universe Gold Card Kit’s descriptions are accurate, complete, current, or error-free. If the Entropia Universe Gold Card provided to you by MindArk is not as described, your sole remedies are reparation or replacement.

After you have accepted this offer you will be entitled to three (3) more Card Readers per year in case that your Card Reader has stopped working due to error. Even your Gold Card can be replaced in case of flaws in the card, which make you unable to use it, though you will be entitled to no more than one (1) Gold Card per year.

PLEASE OBSERVE that in order to be replaced, broken or non-functional items must be returned to MindArk PE AB (see address above). If the item turns out to be functional, you will have to cover your shipment costs. If the item is proven to have malfunctioned MindArk will refund the shipment costs.

6. General Provisions

Please note that any purchase of a Real World Item, including the Gold Card Kit or the Gold Card Reader is subject to the General Real World Items Agreement. By completing the purchase of the Real World Item and by accepting the Real World Item from MindArk, you thereby acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the General Real World Item Agreement.