Your Virtual Assets has Real World Value!

Entropia Universe's unique Real Cash Economy System connects the virtual world with the real world. Your Avatars virtual world items and other assets has real value so we believe that you should be able to keep them really safe.


Default Account Security

Your account is by default protected by the username and password you chose when the account was created.

Username and password combinations offers basic security but as you probably know there are numerous threats that targets this type of security.


Entropia Pocket – Enhanced Account Security

Entropia Universe offers an extra layer of security called Entropia Pocket. Entropia Pocket is an App for iOS and Android devices that once connected to your account requires an extra security code provided by the app to login and access your account.

With Entropia Pocket the knowledge of your Username and Password will not be enough to access your account, an attacker will also need to have access to your connected iOS or Android device.

Security systems similar to Entropia Pocket are used by numerous online banks around the world. We believe that your Entropia Universe account deserves the same state of the art security as your real world bank so we offer Entropia Pocket to all Avatars, free of charge!

Once you've installed Entropia Pocket on your iOS or Android device go to the Activation page to connect the app to your Entropia Universe account.




Older Security Solution – Entropia Universe Gold Card

Entropia Universe Gold Card works in a similar way as Entropia Pocket but instead of an iOS or Android device a separate Gold Card and a Gold Card Reader is used to generate unique login codes.

The major drawback of the Gold Card system is the limited life expectancy of the hardware components and, to some extent, the logistics involved in replacing faulty components.

The Gold Card system will continue to work for existing users but we recommend an upgrade to Entropia Pocket.

If you have any questions regarding the Gold Card system please contact Entropia Universe support.