16 April 2019
Entropia Universe 16.2.1 Release Notes:
Changes The inventory will now remember its previous location when opened by terminals and other interfaces. The child windows of the bank interface will now close when the main window is closed, and will open centered on the main ... »
10 April 2019
Entropia Universe 16.2.0 Release Notes:
Changes Vehicles in space now indicates targets in range on the crosshair. Added an option under Options->Gameplay to disable the crosshair dot when in relaxed mode. Restored the Auto Use Tool action to the Action Library. The Auto Use ... »
26 March 2019
Entropia Universe 16.1.1 Release Notes:
Fixed an issue causing (L)imited armor parts to provide full protection when below the condition limit, in some situations.  
14 March 2019
Entropia Universe 16.1.0 Release Notes:
Changes The 30-second forced PvP status after leaving a PvP zone is now visible. Changed the name of the item "Fire Rate Controller" to "Robot Fire Rate Controller". Clicking left mouse button outside of context menus now closes the menu. The ... »
05 March 2019
Entropia Universe 16.0.3 Release Notes:
Changes Rotating camera with Left Mouse Button in Cursor mode will enter Freelook mode which is unpaired to avatar movement. To enter Freelook mode that is paired with avatar movement click Middle Mouse Button. In Cursor mode, interaction ... »
26 February 2019
Entropia Universe 16.0.2 Release Notes:
Additions Added a new tab called Camera under options with these added features. Check tooltip for additional information. Far Vertical Offset Near Vertical Offset Maximum Distance Locked Horizontal Speed Locked ... »
21 February 2019
Entropia Universe 16.0.1 Release Notes:
Changes “Lock Target” range is now the same for all tools, 180m City Plots now have "F to interact" for its management objects The target reticle no longer displays a health bar for an items condition Activating aim mode while editing the ... »
19 February 2019
Entropia Universe 16.0.0 Release Notes:
New Features Lock Target Next Target has been replaced by a new Action named Lock Target. The functionality of this Action is identical to using the Left Mouse Button to click on a target. Priority selection among ... »
22 January 2019
Entropia Universe 15.20.2 Release Notes:
Fixed Issues Fixed an issue causing “Loot is claimed by someone else” situations when defeating a creature with full health. Previously damaged creatures will reset their loot rights calculation after regenerating to full health. ... »
13 December 2018
Entropia Universe 15.20.1 Release Notes:
Fixed Issues Improved client stability Removed “is rare” from gold shirts  
11 December 2018
Entropia Universe 15.20.0 Release:
Changes The ComPet Deed trader on Planet Arkadia has been removed. Updated graphics for Shrapnel. There is now a “Detach all enhancers” action for items with attached enhancers. Resource deeds and the resource finder interface no longer ... »
27 November 2018
Entropia Universe 15.19.2 Release Notes:
Fixed Issues Fixed a rare issue causing a “Could not execute” error in the Construction interface. Fixed an issue causing a client crash in certain situations after closing the options panel in the Professions interface. Further improved ... »

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