01 October 2019
Entropia Universe 16.5.2 Release Notes:
Changes Changed values below 1 PED to always be displayed in decimal format (i.e. 0.12 PED) rather than in PEC (12 PEC). The Pyrokinesis skill has been added to Hunting Challenge skill rewards. Adjusted the skill reward choices for ... »
25 September 2019
Entropia Universe 16.5.1 Release Notes:
Fixed Issues Fixed a client crash issue when copying item link in item info.    
24 September 2019
Entropia Universe 16.5.0 Release Notes:
New Features Codex  The Codex is a repository for creature information and missions. Additional features are planned to be added to the Codex in the future, currently the Codex only features Planet Calypso and Space creatures. This first ... »
18 June 2019
Entropia Universe 16.4.1 Release Notes:
Fixes Issues: Fixed an issue where Quantity in a Trade Terminal defaults to one if the Quantity is not changed   Changes: The game will no longer affect the mouse cursor when it’s outside the game window (during startup).  
11 June 2019
Entropia Universe 16.4.0 Release Notes:
New Features Space content Each Space planet local area now has normal PvP instead of lootable PvP Each Space planet local area now has new spawners Added a “Crosshair Opacity” slider in Options/Interface   Changes Radar updated ... »
28 May 2019
Entropia Universe 16.3.2 Release Notes:
Entropia Universe platform upgrade  
09 May 2019
Entropia Universe 16.3.1 Release Notes:
Company Shares System The first Company Shares System dividends will be given out on 13-05-19 at 00:01AM   Fixed Issues Fixed an issue where the Crafting Terminal window would close if a player died on your radar.  
25 April 2019
Entropia Universe 16.3.0 Release Notes:
New Features Introduced a new Company Shares System where players will be able to buy, sell, and manage shares of companies which control land areas in the future. Interaction text location can now be tweaked by players via Horizontal ... »
16 April 2019
Entropia Universe 16.2.1 Release Notes:
Changes The inventory will now remember its previous location when opened by terminals and other interfaces. The child windows of the bank interface will now close when the main window is closed, and will open centered on the main ... »
10 April 2019
Entropia Universe 16.2.0 Release Notes:
Changes Vehicles in space now indicates targets in range on the crosshair. Added an option under Options->Gameplay to disable the crosshair dot when in relaxed mode. Restored the Auto Use Tool action to the Action Library. The Auto Use ... »
26 March 2019
Entropia Universe 16.1.1 Release Notes:
Fixed an issue causing (L)imited armor parts to provide full protection when below the condition limit, in some situations.  
14 March 2019
Entropia Universe 16.1.0 Release Notes:
Changes The 30-second forced PvP status after leaving a PvP zone is now visible. Changed the name of the item "Fire Rate Controller" to "Robot Fire Rate Controller". Clicking left mouse button outside of context menus now closes the menu. The ... »

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