22 January 2019
Entropia Universe 15.20.2 Release Notes:
Fixed Issues Fixed an issue causing “Loot is claimed by someone else” situations when defeating a creature with full health. Previously damaged creatures will reset their loot rights calculation after regenerating to full health. ... »
13 December 2018
Entropia Universe 15.20.1 Release Notes:
Fixed Issues Improved client stability Removed “is rare” from gold shirts  
11 December 2018
Entropia Universe 15.20.0 Release:
Changes The ComPet Deed trader on Planet Arkadia has been removed. Updated graphics for Shrapnel. There is now a “Detach all enhancers” action for items with attached enhancers. Resource deeds and the resource finder interface no longer ... »
27 November 2018
Entropia Universe 15.19.2 Release Notes:
Fixed Issues Fixed a rare issue causing a “Could not execute” error in the Construction interface. Fixed an issue causing a client crash in certain situations after closing the options panel in the Professions interface. Further improved ... »
20 November 2018
Entropia Universe Release Notes:
Fixed Issues Fixed an issue causing server and client crashes Made several improvements to server and client stability Client loading time has been improved   BatSim will reopen later today.    
01 November 2018
Entropia Universe Release Notes:
Fixed Issues Dynamic area stability improvements. Minor improvements to the Halloween Mayhem event instance areas. Resolved an issue related to smiles and gestures. Fixed an issue where waypoints couldn’t be created when using special ... »
30 October 2018
Entropia Universe 15.19.1 Release Notes:
Changes It is now easier to drag & drop enhancers into the Item Info user interface The cooldown timer for inserting enhancers into items has been shortened. Various improvements to the new map waypoint feature, including: smart selection of ... »
23 October 2018
Entropia Universe 15.19.0 Release Notes:
Changes You can now create your named waypoints by using this format (see example) /wp [Calypso, 56128, 59245, 134, My place] Removed the FEN Token trader in Howling mines   Fixes When attempting to heal another avatar with full health, ... »
09 October 2018
Entropia Universe 15.18.1 Release Notes:
Update for FEN event preparations.  
03 October 2018
Entropia Universe 15.18.0 Release Notes:
Changes Compet deeds can now be exchanged for Arkadia Moon deeds through a hand in mission in Celeste Harbour, just seek the Compet Deed Exchange NPC at 29820, 10165 It is now possible to get your name on a shared creature global if ... »
04 September 2018
Entropia Universe 15.17.2 Release Notes:
Changes The fee incurred when landing a spaceship on a planet has been removed. This change is intended to encourage more trade between planets and personal space travel in general. Added a safe zone around the new Arkadia Moon. Entering space ... »
22 August 2018
Entropia Universe 15.17.1 Release Notes:
Arkadia Moon Released Today Planet Arkadia Moon has been launched and ready to be explored. Explore one of the new cities or head out and explore the moon landscape filled with rich mineral deposits and dangerous creatures.Read more To download ... »

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