07 September 2021
Entropia Universe 17.9.1 Release Notes:
Entropia Universe partner release only, see partner forums for more details.  
31 August 2021
Entropia Universe 17.9.0 Release Notes:
Changes Next Island planet model in space has been updated with a new texture.  
08 June 2021
Entropia Universe 17.8.1 Release Notes:
Entropia Universe planet partner release only, please check partner forums for more details.    
01 June 2021
Entropia Universe 17.8.0 Release Notes:
Codex for Partners Arkadia and Cyrene have now been added to the Codex Challenge system.  
20 April 2021
Entropia Universe 17.7.0 Release Notes:
Fixes Fixed an issue where there was a framerate drop in locations with many valid targets in range, but not visible (hidden behind walls, caves etc)    
09 March 2021
Entropia Universe 17.6.1 Release Notes:
Changes Increased the maximum stack size of Strongboxes to 5000. Attribute rewards added for Monria Codex creatures.  
01 December 2020
Entropia Universe 17.5 Release Notes:
Entropia Universe 17.5 Release Notes   New features: Codex for Partners Next Island and Toulan have now been added to the Codex Challenge system. Other Planet Partners will be added in the next Version Update. Existing hunting ... »
20 October 2020
Entropia Universe 17.4.1 Release Notes:
Fixes: Fixed an issue where Motherships could get stuck in Space Stations and Asteroids        
13 October 2020
Entropia Universe 17.4 Release Notes:
New Features It is now possible to redeem attribute tokens via the context menu that appears when right-clicking on the tokens in inventory. Added a music playlist to the Mothership lounge. Updated ambience sounds ... »
06 October 2020
Entropia Universe 17.3.2 Release Notes:
Fixes General network optimizations          
01 September 2020
Entropia Universe 17.3 Release Notes:
Changes The engine sounds for Motherships have been updated. The turret sounds for Motherships and tanks have been updated. The minimum zoom for Mothership turrets has been reduced. The damage type for Quad Wing weapons has been changed ... »
30 June 2020
Entropia Universe 17.2.2a Release Notes:
Fixes Fixed an issue where the CPU usage would dramatically increase in some scenarios  

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