Entropia Universe 11.0.0 Release Notes

New Planet Discovered in Entropia Universe

Today we proudly present the new planet ROCKtropia! That means that currently two planetary systems are available to you, consisting of two planets, one asteroid and one space station; ROCKtropia, Planet Calypso, Club NEVERDIE and Crystal Palace.

Entropia Universe is growing and ROCKtropia is set to be the first of many new and different planets that will be forming Entropia Universe. "Diversity is as important in the virtual world as it is in the real world," said MindArk founder and CEO Jan Welter Timkrans. "We are thrilled to see the excitement generated by ROCKtropia and the other planets coming online soon."

For more information about this milestone in the history of Entropia Universe, see http://www.mindark.com/.

Space Travels

Space travel is possible both between and within planetary systems. For example, you can travel directly between Crystal Palace and ROCKtropia or, within a planetary system, between Crystal Palace and Planet Calypso.

To space travel, log in and find a teleporter and select desired destination.

Tip! When traveling through space make sure to pack the items you want to bring in your carried Inventory. Storage facilities are specific for the planet (space station, etc.) you are currently at, meaning that if you store items on one planet and travel to another one, you cannot access those items at your new destination.


  • Client Loader updates:
    • Besides being able to view information specific for different planetary systems, it is also possible to view general Entropia Universe information. To change to general Entropia Universe information click the link in the upper left corner and to change to specific planetary system information click desired link on the Planet Roster tab.
    • Just as before, you click Launch in the lower right corner.
    • Changing options is done through clicking Tools.

Note! Clicking "Launch" in the Client Loader's lower right corner opens the login screen. At log in you are directed to your avatar's current location in Entropia Universe. Traveling between and withing planetary systems is always performed by your avatar from inside the universe.

GUI and Visual

  • Login screen updates:
    • Total GUI remake.
    • Added credit screen.
    • Several login attempts possible if entering faulty login information.
  • Fixed issue with Confirm button not responding if no changes has been done in the Avatar Info GUI.
  • Improved error message texts, using different texts for different kinds of errors.
  • In storage help, added information about storage facilities being specific for the planet you are currently at.
  • MindArk time is now called Entropia Universe time.
  • In Quest/Mission log, the Abandon button is now disabled when no quest is selected.
  • Fixed issue with Friend List update when adding friends.
  • Fixed texture for Energy Matter claims.
  • Fixed direction for particle movement in some creature related effects.

Beauty and Camera System

  • Fixed issue with changing back to initial hair style.
  • Added confirmation dialog when changing back to initial hair style, after completed Beauty session.
  • Re-added target actions for eyes, mouth and nose.
  • Increased focus on body parts.


  • Improved Client Loader stability.
  • Removed Tier increase rate statistics on items for sale in the Trade Terminal.
  • Fragments are split to dedicated auction categories.
  • Added different sounds for footsteps depending on terrain material.
  • Different NPCs may now have different postures.
  • Re-added sounds for critical hits.
  • Fixed issue with broadcaster and net streams.
  • Fixed issues related to action text.

Additional Information

  • For planet specific information, check ROCKtropia's web site.