Entropia Universe 11.3.0 Release Notes

New Features and Additions

The new features and additions are detailed below this list:

  • Voice Chat System
  • Vehicle Additions
  • Social Media Interconnect Services

Voice Chat System

Communication between participants is a key component of life in Entropia Universe, and it is now getting even better with the introduction of Voice Chat. MindArk is cooperating with Ericsson to create a service unique to Entropia Universe with advanced functionality that integrates into the game play on the planets. In a first step this enables secure voice communication between participants; you can voice chat with avatars on your Friend List as well as others you encounter in-game.

The Voice Chat system that is launched in this release is a first small step in a much bigger project to enhance the communication interface for our participants and Planet Partners. Examples of future functionality are proximity-sensitive chatting and a variety of call-out services. Proximity is used for 3D voice chat and takes distance and topology into account, adding to the experience of environmental interaction and when groups of avatars are chatting. With the call-out services it will be possible for an avatar to call outside Entropia Universe and vice versa.

In-game updates:
  • Added voice chat actions in the Friend List UI and in the Avatar context menu.
  • Added adjusting options for voice chat devices and volume in the Options UI.

For legal terms regarding the Voice Chat system see Voice Communication Service - Terms of Use.

Quality and Performance

Since long it has been a goal for MindArk to implement voice chat in Entropia Universe. For the past two years we have evaluated different options, looking at how this could be achieved without making bandwidth an issue as well as assuring that such a system will be a strong fundament for future development in this area. In order to support a focus on the game play MindArk has collaborated with Ericssonto develop a gate from Entropia Universe to Ericsson's communication system, enabling a clear focus on quality and a strategy for sustained long term development.

We have put great effort into making this a system with the following qualities:

  • Anonymity. You only have to see an avatar or have them on your Friend List to be able to suggest voice chat with anyone - and all they see is your Entropia Universe alias.
  • Security. All voice traffic is sent via Ericsson's servers to avoid revealing your IP address to the other part.
  • Privacy. Other participants cannot listen to a private conversation (a conversation between a restricted amount of participants).
  • Easy access. The service is available directly through your Entropia Universe account with no need to download a 3rd party client.
  • Tailor made for Entropia Universe. To enhance the Entropia Universe experience this system is tailor made to fit the conditions in Entropia Universe.
  • Stable network. The Voice Chat is a reliable service with redundant bandwidth capability.

Implementing above qualities means heavy investments and use of external resources. Therefore, the Voice Chat services are available for a subscription fee, see the Subscription Fee section below. However, it is important to MindArk to minimize the cost of using this system for each individual participant. Although this already is a premium service it will be launched at a reduced and low cost, see the Release Offers section below.

Subscription Fee

The regular subscription fee is 10 PED, however, see the release offers below.

Note:  The subscription is based on a fee that is paid in beforehand, allowing free usage of the system for the coming 30-day period. At any time you can choose to not continue to pay this fee and the subscription is put on hold.

Release Offers

  • If you, before starting to use the Voice Chat, have made a deposit or will make one, between August 29, 2010 and October 28, 2010 you will get your first 30 days of Voice Chat for free!
  • The cost is reduced to 8 PED per 30-day period, during the first 90 days of operation.

Vehicle Additions

This release presents three new types of vehicles: hovercraft, boat and VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing).

The new VTOL aircraft will safely take you up in the sky where you can watch the world from new angles. This is the first step towards opening up the hangars and making the space ships airborne, which will happen in the near future. 

Do you prefer the water? Hop on the boat and take some quick turns while enjoying the water splashing all around you.

The hovercraft is functional on both land and water. Weapon assembly is available for the hovercraft just as for the already introduced cars.

Tip! Take care of the vehicles and be careful! Collisions can now damage them. However, you can lessen the damage by staying seated even when the going gets tough; the damage is greater without any crew seated at all. Note that only the SI is affected by collisions, not vehicle deterioration.

Actions and their default control mappings for airborne vehicles:

  • Move up - Left Shift (new key mapping). Alternatively, hold left and right mouse buttons down and move mouse forwards.
  • Move down - Left Ctrl (new key mapping). Alternatively, hold left and right mouse buttons down and move mouse backwards.
  • Strafe Left - A
    Note: For airborne vehicles, this action results in left rotation.
  • Strafe right - D
    Note: For airborne vehicles, this action results in right rotation.
  • Rotate left - Z. Alternatively hold left and right mouse buttons down and move to the left.
    Note: For airborne vehicles, this action results in left strafe.
  • Rotate right - C. Alternatively hold left and right mouse buttons down and move to the right.
    Note: For airborne vehicles, this action results in right strafe.
  • Move Forwards - W. Alternatively hold left and right mouse buttons down.
  • Move Backwards - S
  • Auto move - R.

Control mappings for ground and water vehicles are the same as for the already included cars. The following default control mappings are added:

  • Move Forwards - Hold left and right mouse buttons down. (Previous default key mapping, W, is still vaild.)
  • Auto move - R. Added possibility for automatic driving, using the R key. This functions in the same way as when using R for automatic running or walking.
Additional vehicle improvements:
  • Vehicle Inventory will now be closed at vehicle recalling.
  • Added range limit to vehicle action Pick Up.
  • Vehicles will physically move when hit by explosion from, for example, grenade launcher.
  • Improved explosion effect when a vehicle is destroyed.
  • Added control information in the vehicles' Item Info.
  • Creatures don't attack flying vehicles.

Interconnect Services

Implemented Interconnect services for Social Media services in order to help participants communicate beyond the community that exists in-game. At this moment the services include posting in-game events relating to your Avatar to the Facebook and Twitter channels. For further information, log in to "My Account" through your planet web site.

For legal terms regarding the Interconnect Services see Entropia Universe Interconnect Services – Terms and conditions (T&C).

In addition to this service Entropia Universe now has a Twitter channel: http://twitter.com/EntropiaNews

Improvements and Fixed Issues


  • Fixed issue with the system requiring administrator permission for Windows Vista and later with UAC enabled: Install Entropia Universe in a folder other than Program Files or another folder that requires administration rights to write in.

Web and E-mail

Sounds and Visual

  • Lowered volume for all equip sounds.
  • Fixed issue with sound for vehicle assembly terminal.
  • Modified sound when vehicle reaches 0% health.
  • Resized Mouse help window to display included text.
  • Reintroduced the "Knock Knock" sound for the Request UI.


  • Implemented fall damage. Landing in water normally breaks the fall, unless the water is too shallow. Note that only the avatar health is affected, not armor deterioration.
  • Added possibility for detaching single attachments from an item.
  • Added possibility to attach items by drag and drop the attachment icon to the other item's Item Info window.
  • Removed item limit in the carried Inventory. However, more than 200 items in the carried Inventory limits the avatar's speed.
  • Increased Friend List count to 150 friends.
  • Adjusted target area on ad screens to simplify pick up of already placed screens.
  • Adjusted target area on terminals to simplify interaction.
  • Renamed the skill category Tailoring to Design.
  • Fixed issue with decoys not giving any skill increase.
  • Fixed issue with changing pages in Auction on the Orders tab.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to claim utilization rights of an estate containing bags.
  • Fixed issue with Kreltin maturity names.