Entropia Universe 11.4.0 Release Notes

New Features and Major Updates

New Version of Tier Upgrade System

Today we release a new version of the Tier upgrade system. It is made to improve the overall balance. The focus has been on the balance between limited and unlimited items.

  • Removed the requirement of a secondary item when tiering an unlimted item.
  • Modified the TT costs for recipes to reflect the changes and keep the balance of the items.
  • A tiering attempt will always succeed when a tiering attempt is possible and when you have the ingredients.
  • Implemented that, besides the major tier step, each tiering attempt can result in an additional minor tier increase. As a maximum 0.4 levels can be raised in one attempt, for example, from 0.9 to 1.3. The increase rate is related to your skill; higher skill means higher chances of additional tiering levels.
  • Introduced a feature that enables you to salvage some of the ingredients. The salvage rate is related to your skill; higher skill means higher chances of salvaging more ingredients.
  • Changed the value per amount of the items pile of “gemstones” to be able to use them more dynamically in recipes.
    Note: If you had any piles of "gemstones" in your Inventory before this release, the total value of the piles is still the same.

Due to these updates, the amount of piles needed for non-tiering blueprints is also changed, but the total PED value is still the same.

New Mindforce Chips

  • Corrosive Attack Chip: A Pyrokinetic Mindforce chip that will cause acid damage to the target.
  • Corrosive Strike Chip: A Pyrokinetic Mindforce chip that will cause acid damage to targets within an area.
  • Lacerating Attack Chip: A Cryogenic Mindforce chip that will cut the target.
  • Lacerating Strike Chip: A Cryogenic Mindforce chip that will cut targets within an area.
  • Kinetic Attack Chip: An Electrokinetic Mindforce chip that will impact the target with a powerful airstream.
  • Kinetic Strike Chip: An Electrokinetic Mindforce chip that will impact targets within an area with a powerful airstream.
  • Metabolic Acceleration Chip: A Pyrokinetic Mindforce chip that will speed up the target's movement for a period of time.
  • Metabolic Inhibition Chip: A Cryogenic Mindforce chip that will slow down the target's movement for a period of time.

New Event Rules

  • Only Mindforce
  • No Mindforce
  • No Mindforce Teleportation
  • No Mindforce Wormholes
  • No Vehicles
  • Vehicle Max SI
  • No Armor Protection
  • No Vehicle Repair Tools

Improvements and Fixed Issues

Interconnect Services

  • On the account web, added information that the connect services are configurable and that the default setting is that everything is turned off.


  • Removed the confirmation message box when refueling vehicle, this is now only displayed as message in chat.
  • Tier Upgrade UI updated, for example, chance of success now displays 2 decimals and help text and feedback text is improved.
  • Improved behavior of when the Buy button is enabled or disabled in Trade Terminal; it is disabled when the selected item's TT value is higher than amount on PED card.
  • Improved Chardef visualization when doing facial changes.
  • In Auction UI, fixed browsing or searching behavior on Orders tab.
  • In Event Settings UI, added descriptive tooltip for the Register button when disabled .
  • In Friend List, double clicking a friend entry triggers private chat.
  • In Global Event List, added support for registering to events you do not already have a ticket for.
  • In the Inventory UI, embedded progress bar inside UI.
  • In the Inventory and Storage, fixed issue with faulty automatic scrolling.
  • In Item Info and Blueprint tooltip, added which Blueprint Book a Blueprint can be entered into. Also a dded tool tip to Blueprint icon: QR for limited ones and Remaining Attempts for unlimited ones . 
  • In Item Info, updated displayed parameters for rocket and grenade launchers. Now listed parameters are launch speed, gravity influence, impact radius, time fuze value and whether it has a contact fuze. The previous range value has been replaced by an estimated range. The actual behavior of all existing grenade and rocket launchers is the same.
  • In Options UI, added new category HUD.
  • In Options UI, corrected the function Align SatNav with Camera .
  • In Private Chat UI, removed flashing of caret when window is out of focus.
  • In Private Chat UI, improved input text area.
  • In Private Trade UI, fixed correlation between the display of items in the icon view and their listing in the list view.
  • In Society UI, fixed issue where areas were mistakenly hidden.
  • In Society UI, information is now updated when switching between pages.
  • In Ticket Event UI, corrected top ten list.


  • Increased client stability.
  • Fixed issue where blueprints were being faulty presented as Level I in Limited Blueprint books .
  • Fixed issue where information was not visible in Blueprint books.
  • Fixed issue where relogging was sometimes required to use blueprint books and containers after trade .
  • Implemented different looks on crosshairs, depending on if a target is valid or invalid.
  • Added animation for the status bar in the dashboard UI, status bar UI and target UI. Additionally, to highlight low health, the status bar will flash.
  • Corrected ammo count when changing tool.
  • The Standard Compressor can now be added to the auction.
  • Fixed issue with Vista and Windows 7 users seeing boxes instead of text on global ad screens.
  • Fixed sound when picking up an object from the ground to the Inventory.