Entropia Universe 11.9.5 Release Notes

Reimplemented Feature

Makeup Masks are Back:

  • It is again possible for you to equip makeup masks from the pre-VU 10 era.
    Note: However, the interface to paint new masks is still absent.

Improvements and Fixed Issues


  • Added cancellation button to LoginUI when the avatar's server is currently offline.
  • Collision and movement sounds added to a variety of different materials.
  • Some issues with the Global Event List have been corrected.

Updated Mobs

  • The Exarosaur, Argonaut, Mourner, Plumatergus and Snarg have received a graphical overhaul.

Known Issues

  • The make-up mask textures you created pre-VU 10 will be added in an upcoming patch release.
  • Do not scan a non-human creature with the scanner! If you do that the software client will crash and you will receive the "out of memory" message. This will also be solve in an upcoming patch release.
  • Make up mask on avatar won't show in items info when scanning avatar.
  • Collision sounds have wrong volume.
  • In the Global Events List UI, the "View map location for event area" does not work if you select All Event Areas on the Events tab to the left and then select an event in the list.