Entropia Universe 11.10.3 Release Notes

Improvements and Fixed Issues


  • Finder Amplifiers now show recommended level in Item Info.
  • Reload delay for mining finders is now set correctly and displayed in Item Info. Delay is based on Prospector and Surveyor profession depending on mining search selection. If both professions are used simultaneously, the longest delay will be used.
  • Reload delay for excavators is now set correctly and displayed in Item Info.
    Delay is based on Miner or Driller profession depending on the type of excavated resource.
  • The displayed Average Search Depth, which changes according to your skill, is now updated in Item Info. Note that this is only visual, the actual depth is correct.


  • Improved reload time to be more accurate. Especially if you have high latency, this will improve your tool usage.

Voice Chat, PTT

  • When in a vehicle, you can only hear passengers in that vehicle and when outside a vehicle, you do not hear the ones inside.
  • Fixed issue where the voice chat process leaked memory and threads when listening to many other participants.
  • When enabling Push to Talk (PTT) your microphone will now be muted directly, without manual changes.

Planet-Specific Release

Known Issues

  • Sometimes when using Qtool, Auto fire or Auto use tool for FAPs, the attempt seems to fail. However, the tool is not deteriorated by this and the complete reload time is the same as before.