Steep Hill Mining Claims Lost Before 10.0.6

If you are a miner, you might have found mining claims that were inaccessible to you due to slopes that were too steep to climb. Since your ability to climb hills was improved in 10.0.6, we will now help you extract those old lost mining claims.

To get your lost claim extracted, please file a Support Case in the category "Missing or Lost". Include resource type, date and time for the claim you found. If you already have an open Support Case with such a report, you do not need to file a new case. Just reply to it again and refer to this news.

Note: This offer is only available for claims found in the time period between the release of Version Update 10.0 and the mini-update 10.0.6. Only steep hill claims will be extracted. Since this is a manual procedure that will take some time, we thank you for your patience.