Entropia Universe 10.8.0 Release Notes

New Features

  • Implemented Quest/mission system preview. See planetcalypso.com for details.
  • Reimplemented Sit-on-chair system.
  • Reimplemented Beauty system.
  • Reimplemented underground explosion effect at mining.

Enhancer Updates

  • Fixed issue with Weapon Economy Enhancer.
  • Fixed issue with skill modification heal enhancer.
  • Items with attached enhancers are not allowed as tier ingredient or secondary item.

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Fixed issue with updating society info.
  • Fixed issue with teleporting on CND.
  • Fixed issue with coloring/texturing preview for furniture.
  • Fixed issue with auto use tool (Auto Mode).
  • Fixed issue with radar update at radar mode change.
  • Fixed issue with teleporter too far away.
  • Fixed issue with resetting market value graph.
  • Fixed sound for Cornundacauda walk.
  • Changed to only being able to decrease own health to 1 point minimum.
  • Improved chat filter.
  • Improved displayed ammo count number.
  • Improved some graphic issues and animation graphics.
  • Improved downhill running/walking.
  • Automatic away from keyboard posture after 5 minutes of idle.
  • Ukash supports additional currencies.
  • Improved art for Ammo clips ( BLP ,Rocket,Laser).
  • Improved look, interactivity and performance for various vegetation.

GUI Related Updates

  • Improved category location for enhancers in Auction and Inventory.
  • Improved displayed numbers in ammo count.
  • Fixed issue with armor platings statistics in Item Info.
  • Fixed issue with switching between Item Infos with different amount of information.
  • Improved long tool tips.
  • Added automatic response if sending private message to other avatar that is away from keyboard.

Additional Information

  • Terrain pak files split to smaller files to improve patch download and installation. This increases the 10.8.0 patch size. We apologize for any inconveniences.
  • For planet specific updates, check Planet Calypso's web site: http://www.planetcalypso.com/news/pages ... /index.xml

Known Issue

  • Gun turrets lack fire animation and muzzle flash