What do scopes and laser sights really do?

The Support team has received numerous support cases inquiring about the functionality of weapon attachments lately. To meet the demand of the community, and to clear out a previously communicated misunderstanding, we have decided to provide some more information on the subject. As always, the details we provide are limited, but we hope they will shed some light on the issue.

Apart from the advantageous visual information that you receive when using scopes and laser sights, such attachments affect your ability to aim, as explained in the Items Info. We have realized that this information is unclear today and you will therefore see an update of this information in an upcoming release.

A previously given reply in a support case stated that a scope or laser sight “only affects the effective range of the weapon”. This was unfortunately an erroneous and poorly informed statement. We would like to apologize for publishing this misinformation and for any confusion caused by it.