Mindforce Implant Update

The reintroduction of the Mindforce system has caused a few issues to surface and we intend to resolve them as soon as possible. When designing the new Mindforce system, we took into account the usability and the relative market value of the implants. Some implants have had their upper and lower limits adjusted in order to extend their field of application. In the process of balancing the new system, the NeoPsion Bd Mindforce Implant suffered from the human factor and came out wrong. It will therefore be adjusted with regards to the implementation as a whole. The NeoPsion 40 Mindforce Implant, which replaced the previous NeoPsion Bd Mindforce Implant, was not implemented correctly as described above and will therefore be upgraded as of next week. Compensation will be issued for losses in trade, granted that the trades were conducted prior to this announcement.

If you have had your NeoPsion Implant moved to your inventory as an effect of  release 10.0, you will be compensated for the cost of reinserting the implant as of Entropia Universe release 11.2.