Major Improvements to Planet Calypso's Support System

Today Planet Calypso has made a major overhaul of the support system and this will have some effects on how you will find helpful information and get assistance from our support representatives. To most participants the change will be quite transparent, finding the way to support information and support requests is still the same as prior to the change, but there are some important modifications. Please review the following information to understand how this will affect you as Planet Calypso participants.

Overview of changes

The main change to you is that there is a completely new support portal and this will come with a number of benefits to you, including

  • Information: improvements to the knowledge base and ability to search for information, it will now be a lot easier to directly find online assistance quickly. For support areas that are under constant change, you are able to subscribe to knowledge base articles and receive notification directly when updates become available.
  • Transparency: an improved workflow for support cases with multiple states, making it possible to follow the status of each case through the workflow. This also enables you to close support cases yourself if the problem has been solved and no longer needs attention from support.
  • Focused information: as Entropia Universe grows the amount of information does so as well, thus in the new support portal only news relating to Planet Calypso or to the entire Entropia Universe will appear.
  • Personalized support: you will now see the name of the support representative you are communicating with.
  • Feedback to support: you are now able to rank the usefulness of the knowledge base articles as well as how well a support case is handled. This information will be vital to Planet Calypso in order to continuously improve customer satisfaction.

The new support portal will also allow Planet Calypso to offer completely new forms of customer support options over time, helping us in meeting your needs in better ways than before.

Important information

In order to make use of the support portal improvements, the following information is important to review:

Access to support information and cases

Access to the Support portal is still the same, through the “Support-FAQ” menu on the Planet Calypso website The Planet Calypso support portal is only for matters relating to your participation in Planet Calypso, thus support for other planets must be submitted to their respective support site.

To access the support portal, log on with your regular Entropia Universe account username and password.

Localized support in three languages

The support portal is localized to three languages: English, Spanish and French. To select a localized version, first go to and select the desired language, then click “Support-FAQ” (or corresponding link). At the present there is no support portal localized in German, instead it will redirect to the English support portal.

In each of the support portals you can access support cases corresponding to the localized portal (English/Spanish/French) from where you sent the support request. You will still get support if posting support cases in other portals, but you will not be able to see and manage all of your support cases in one single place. We recommend that you always send in a case from a single portal; for instance, if you generally read the support information in Spanish always use the Spanish portal when submitting the support requests.

Old cases are still being serviced

All support cases that are open at the time of this change are still valid and will be managed in the old system, but any new cases must be created in the new support portal.

Access to any support case submitted under the old system is available after you have logged in, in the “My old cases” tab. This will continue during a transition period, we will inform you in due time before the old cases are removed.

Email addresses

Two new email addresses will be used in communicating changes to the status of your support cases: and Make sure that your email client will let them pass through.

Today there are many accounts that have outdated and invalid email addresses and this may lead to problems as some important account-related information and events are communicated through email (but never the contents of your support case – it is safe with us). To help support you in a better way, from now on when posting a support case your email address will be visible to enable you to verify that it is correct.

A general reminder: never use the same username and password for Entropia Universe as for other Internet communication (e.g. email, MSN, Facebook or Entropia Universe related forums).

Behind-the-scenes changes

The support team has been reorganized into First Line support, handling Planet Calypso specific issues, and Second Line support, that takes care of general Entropia Universe issues, this to make best use of the support representatives’ skills and improve efficiency. You will always be in contact with First Line support representatives and cases will be escalated to Second Line whenever required.

If you do have any specific questions or feedback on the new support procedures and the support portal, please issue a support case on the portal and share your views with us. Your feedback is important for making changes happen.