Information from MindArk Balancing Team


Due to the last days’ speculations regarding the balancing in Entropia Universe, MindArk want to present the following statement:

MindArk´s vision with Entropia Universe is that all planets are a part of the same universe and follow the same balancing rules. In order for participants and items to move between planets, they have to be balanced with the same system. This is fundamental for the rule system and the market to work.

No changes have been made nor will be made to these core rules. At the same time, MindArk is continuously monitoring the balance of the system and all planets within the universe. Anomalies are constantly analyzed and adjusted to maintain the balance.

The market begins with the core rules, but is to a large extent affected by demand. Participants in a supply and demand situation strive towards stability to be able to predict the future, while at the same time it is in the unexpected and not so frequent situations that real opportunities can emerge.

In the last couple of days, a few rare incidents occurred within an unusually short period of time in conjunction with a release. These incidents have been analyzed in accordance to our routines.

On rare occasions, items and opportunities can be found letting participants with lower skills to also try out other aspects of the universe not usually available to them. These items should not be considered to be common in any way, nor competing with regular items. Participants investing time and funds into their avatar should be able to see their avatar progress.

For MindArk, the individual progress is a core part of the universe and the market.

With this MindArk hope you have a greater understanding of last days’ events and see them in a new light.

- MindArk Balancing Team