VU 14.4 Mini Patch

A hotfix mini patch has been deployed to address several issues related to VU 14.4.

Fixes / Changes

  • The target box and hit box of creatures are now removed from corpses once a creature is looted. Looted creature corpses also no longer appear on the radar, and do not interfere with movement, weapons or targeting. More informative visual effects will be implemented for creature corpses in the patch scheduled for December 17.
  • An issue causing Mindforce chips to reference the wrong profession in some situations has been corrected.

Known Issues

  • The Esc button does not remove focus from chat windows or close interface windows as it should. This issue will be corrected in the patch scheduled for December 17.
  • The user interface font update implemented in VU 14.4 resulted in non-standard and-/or non-Western characters appearing incorrectly in various interfaces, including the primary chat window. This issue is being investigated and will be corrected as soon as possible.