Warning: Phishing and Account Security

There are always people who will want to gain unauthorized access to your account buy trying to acquire your login details. Please stay vigilant and examine URL:s given to you in-game extra carefully. If you are even the slightest suspicious then do NOT enter your login details, and contact Support as soon as possible so that we can investigate and take the appropriate actions to prevent this from happening.

If someone asks you to log in to a page you should always double check that the URL looks official (for example ending in .com), and that there are no spelling mistakes, missing graphics or similar warning flags. It's also a good habit to always hover your mouse cursor over a link to see that it's actually going where it says it is. If the link and the destination differs (or the destination only consists of an IP address): exercise extra caution.

Please note that Mindark will NEVER ask you for your login details, and any links given will always be delivered via either email or support case.

To increase the security of your account we suggest that you regularly change your password, and to use a strong password (a strong password contains upper and lower case letters, numbers, and one or more special characters like an exclamation mark, it should also have more then 12 characters in total). Avoid using the same password for several sites (for example having the same password for your Entropia Universe account and also email client) and always keep security software up-to-date (virus protection, mal-ware protection and software firewall).

Also please note that we strongly suggest that you protect your account with a Gold Card Security System, as this offers the highest security for your account. The Gold Card will prevent someone from accessing your account, even if they have managed to get your login details, as you still need the physical token to log in.