Issue notice regarding Shaders/Icons and Graphical issues

We are aware that some players are facing graphic issues due to their cached data, so if you are encountering a lot of issues with your graphics and shaders/icons we advice that you clear your shader/icon cache before reporting the issue.

You can do this by going into your Planet data folder and removing the cache folder under shaders and the icon folder under cache.

The default path for these folders are: 
C:\ProgramData\entropia universe\public_users_data\shaders
C:\ProgramData\entropia universe\public_users_data\cache

You can find your folder path in your client loader under the tool sections "Folders" tab.

If this does not resolve your issue please file a support case and make sure you add a screenshot as it makes it a lot easier for us to gather information regarding these problems.

Please file these under Technical, Video and graphics.

Thank you for your patience