Think Future - Invest in your Avatar!

The depth of the virtual universe opens up unlimited opportunities for you

You are in control how much you wish to invest in your virtual life.

You can deposit real funds to acquire land or equipment to develop your avatar. You may want to start a business, set up a shop, trade resources and test your entrepreneurial spirit by investing in equipment, knowledge and skills to compete with others. Many planets are also rich in minerals and ore, both of which can be a lucrative source of income.


The Entropia Universe currency Project Entropia Dollar, or PED for short, has a fixed exchange rate of 10:1 with the US Dollar. 10 PED = 1 US$.

PED is used to purchase a vast range of items for your avatar including equipment, clothing, property and more.

Deposit real funds to acquire PED. You can also withdraw accumulated PED to your real world bank account.

Make a Deposit

We offer several different alternatives of transferring money to your PED Card, for example, payment cards, Electronic Bank Transfer, Digital Wallets and Prepaid Vouchers.

Make a Deposit