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I lost my Android/iOS device, what do I do now?

If you were to lose your device you can always deactivate your Entropia Pocket security by entering the recovery code you received when you activated Entropia Pocket for the first time.

You can find the deactivation form at the bottom of this page.

If you no longer have this code you are welcome to submit a support case.

Can I disable 2-factor authentication for my account?

For Entropia Pocket:
If you have saved a Recovery Code you can disable Entropia Pocket on

If you do not have the Recovery Code please contact Entropia Universe Support.

However to keep your account as secure as possible, we recommend you to continue to use 2-factor authentication.

Can I borrow my friend/wifes/husbands phone in order to log in on my account?

No, The Entropia Pocket app is individually connected to each of your accounts through the initialization code.

I receive the message “A timeout has occurred during the login process”

Go to your account pages, click the Manage Account button and make sure any settings under Contact Information are not empty. If there is any information missing please fill it out and then try to login again.

Can I run into problems when using a wireless connection?

Running the Entropia Universe on wireless solutions is not recommended. This is due to the many complications this technology involves, such as range to station, compatibility standards and loss of duplex capability.

The Entropia Universe is very packet intense and many WLAN device manufacturers fail to meet the requirements for running such traffic wireless.

Another difficulty that makes it hard for us to support WLAN is the variety of solutions available for WLAN, making it near to impossible to par up with knowledge-wise and to offer support about.

Wireless solutions themselves are not safe environments. Unless properly encrypted, these solutions can jeopardize your account information amongst other things.

If you are experiencing issues with your wireless LAN, we can only advise you to do an overview and see that certain criteria like bandwidth and latency are met.

Also, make sure you have the latest firmware for your wireless station/router.


I can no longer log in since I have entered too many incorrect Security Codes

Due to security reasons, you only have three attempts before your Gold Card becomes unsynchronized with the verification system. You will then be asked to resynchronize the Card. By following the normal login process, a new window will appear that requests you to enter two consecutive Security Codes in order to resynchronize with the verification system.

If you fail to synchronize your Gold Card, please generate two consecutive Security Codes with your Gold Card and add these in a Support Case sent to the Entropia Support. Please do NOT generate any further codes until the support staff has confirmed that your Gold Card is synchronized.

Will Entropia Universe run on newer versions of Windows?

Yes, Entropia Universe works with modern Windows versions. Please see the System Requirements page for details.

I receive the message "The Entropia Universe is currently off line for maintenance"

  1. Check if the Entropia Universe is down for upgrades by reading the Support News section.
  2. Please make sure that the Entropia Universe is a non restricted application in your anti-virus software and firewalls, including the Norton firewall if you have Norton AntiVirus software.
  3. If the above suggestions are fulfilled you could try removing the Entropia Universe completely from your computer via 'Add/Remove programs' in the 'Control Panel'. Then download the Client Software again, and install everything from scratch.

When I launch the Entropia Universe client, I instantly lose connection.

There are a few things you should check:

  1. Do you meet the minimum system requirements?
  2. Are all checks green in the "Your Computer" status on the Login Window?
  3. Try lowering your Connection setting in "Options" on the Entropia Universe Login Window. Even though you have ADSL or an even better connection, try setting the connection speed to 56 kbit to check if that improves your situation. If yes, you may try to set it higher step by step, to see which connection speed works best with your specific system.
  4. Open these ports in your firewall:
    • 20, 21 (TCP Outbound) - Additional TCP Port outbound for passive mode FTP
    • 80 (Outbound)
    • 30584 (UDP inbound/outbound)
    • 30583 (TCP Outbound)
    • 554 (TCP Inbound)
  5. If you have a router, make sure the router configuration has Ports 20,21, 30584 and 30583 forwarded to your computer. Also make sure the f irmware of your router is up-to-date (please turn to the manufacturer of your router for any specific questions regarding this matter)
  6. Try disabling the sound in "Options" on the Entropia Universe Login Window

I receive the message "Your avatar is already logged on" when I try to log in

Please wait at least ten minutes before you try to log in again. Should you still not be able to log in after this time period, please contact Entropia Universe Support.

I receive the message "Unidentified 'Username' or 'Password'"

  • The fields where you write your Username and Password are case sensitive, so please make sure you write the lower case and upper case letters on the right place.
  • You can change your Password and find out which Username you have here.
  • If you still cannot log in, please contact Entropia Universe Support.

I receive the message "Internal Error detected on this avatar" when I try to log in

Please contact Entropia Universe Support for assistance.

I have successfully installed the Client Software, but how do I log in to the Entropia Universe?

  1. Start the client by clicking on the application icon that has been created on your desktop during the installation of the client software
  2. Read through the Terms of Use in the window that opens and if you agree, press the 'I Accept' button.
  3. On the Login window, press the 'Launch' button* in the lower right hand corner.
  4. Write your Username and Password and press Login to start your Entropia Universe experience.

* If you are not able to locate the 'Launch' button, please check your own screen resolution settings. The Entropia Universe Client Software requires a minimum resolution of 1024x768 (16 bit or higher).