Payment Card Information Policy

How does MindArk protect payment card information?

MindArk PE AB is committed to the security of our customers' credit card information. In order to protect the payment card information registered at Entropia Universe, MindArk has implemented series of measures to prevent the compromise of the cardholder information including:


  • In our Privacy Policy, the cardholder information is classified as "Self-Registered Personal information" and its use at MindArk PE AB is regulated by this Policy.
  • Primary Account Number, name of the cardholder and expiry date are registered only once and only after logging in under "My Account". This minimizes risks, as you are not required to provide your payment card information with every deposit.
  • When you register a card, the cardholder data is encrypted and stored on a dedicated secure server separate from the Entropia Universe servers.
  • The stored cardholder data does not contain enough information for making purchases with the card. For example, CVC2 and CVV2 codes are never stored.
  • In order to protect the cardholder information, the payment card(s) number(s)(PAN) presented on the Entropia Universe's website and in the Transfer Center are masked.
  • MindArk staff has restricted and controlled access to cardholder information.
  • The third-party financial institutions that handle card transactions for MindArk (Euroline-Nets) fulfill all the requirements established by the Payment Card Industry. These financial institutions only receive the card numbers and other personal identifying information to verify the cardholder data and process transactions.
  • MindArk employs market leading hardware and software that protects your stored data from computer intrusion.
  • All transferred information is encrypted by using a secure SSL certificate before transmission.

    If you have further questions about how we handle payment card information, contact  Entropia Universe Support.