Harassment Policy

Our goal in the Entropia Universe is to create and maintain a strong community that affords its participants a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. This includes the right for participants to contest unsociable or distressing behavior.

What is harassment?

Harassment is the deliberate misuse and abuse of functions in the virtual world of the Entropia Universe in order to cause distress or offense to another participant. Virtual world functions include, but are not limited to, trading with other participants, the acquisition and use of weapons, and chatting to others. What is very important in determining whether a particular in-world function is being abused and constitutes harassment is the "intention". Is a participant deliberately trying to disrupt another participants involvement in the Entropia Universe?

While certain actions may cause distress to other participants, it is not considered harassment until it has been determined by MindArk that it was done to intentionally cause personal distress to other participants.

Any behavior that is unrelenting, inescapable, offensive and directed specifically at you or your group is also considered harassment. Derogatory and hateful comments that are sexual, racist, religious or related to gender are also deemed harassment.

Penalties for harassment

Harassment in the Entropia Universe is considered a direct violation of the rules of conduct and a ruling of genuine harassment can result in warnings or immediate and permanent account suspension depending on the severity of the harassment. We have zero tolerance for harassment. The evaluation of such reports is, however, not easy and therefore we need sufficient proof to be able to act. Reports based on words only, will not be sufficient.

How can I report harassment?

If you feel that you are the victim of harassment you should contact Entropia Universe Support.

Include your own information and the full avatar name/s of the offending party, the manner of the harassment, and the dates and any logs or screenshots you have of the incidents. We will examine each case individually and make a judgment based on this examination. Rulings will be non-negotiable and if a complaint is deemed genuine harassment, both parties will be informed and the harassment acknowledged.