Scam Prevention Policy

What is a Scam?

A scam is the act of acquiring items from another participant through misinformation, confusion, pressure or by taking advantage of misplaced trust.

How can I prevent being scammed?

  • NEVER lend or give your items to another participant that you do not trust or know personally. Due to the diversity of human nature, not all participants in the Entropia Universe will be honest upstanding citizens.
  • Deals that seem too good to be true - they usually are! Always be cautious and wary of people offering services or items that seem to good to be true. 
  • When trading, always research the market to see if the suggested price is reasonable. People will use all kind of arguments as to why a certain price is the correct one, or why a certain piece of equipment is the best.
  • Do not pay for items or services in advance. Do not rely on people telling you that you will receive the rest of the deal later.
  • Always check the ITEM INFO data of an item. Right-click on the offered items to view their individual ITEM INFO data so that you can confirm it is the item you want.
  • If you have a valuable item that someone wants to see or try, do not hand it over. Place it in the private trade window instead without confirming the deal. This allows both parties to view it. Remember! Do not hit the ACCEPT button. If the other participant says he or she cannot see it or cannot get the information on it, you are probably dealing with a scammer at work.
  • Do not listen to hard-luck stories. Scammers will say or do almost anything to get your items from you.
  • Do not give up your loot to someone claiming it as theirs. If you have killed a creature and have been able to loot it, you have the right to the loot.
  • Think a deal through, as all trades are final.

I've been scammed, what should I do?

Immediately Contact Support in a Support Case. Please give us the complete name of the avatar that scammed you, the date and time the scam took place, the full name of the items lost and a short description of what has happened.

Since items in the Entropia Universe have a real value you should also consider filing an official police report about your lost items. If the local police contact us, we will cooperate with them and submit all available logs we have.

Will I get my items back?

Unfortunately, if you do fall victim of a scam we cannot return any of the lost items or money.

What will happen to a reported scammer?

If you report another participant as a "scammer", we will investigate and determine what actions need to be taken. Each case is unique and will be treated as such. One means of disciplinary action is the issuing of a warning and a call for the behavior to cease. If the behavior persists, the participant risks suspension of his or her account, or permanent expulsion from the Entropia Universe.